The principal lament that despite vocational training centers being handed over to the county government they have not received even a single cent or infrastructure support from the county government of Siaya.

He says that when the institution was under the National government they could get prompt support and being one of the big vocational centers, the government would concentrate on them.

Addressing the press in his office, the principal revealed that among the things the institution is struggling with is the issue of having qualified instructors.

He revealed that out of the 23 instructors working at the institution only three of them are government employed, and the rest the school is forced to ensure their payment.

He says that the institution is lucky enough to be able to employ instructors due to their high enrolment number, but wondered how other upcoming centers are surviving since assistance from the county government is not forth coming.

Currently the school is using practical learning tools, equipment and infrastructure that they used to have while it had a population of 195, yet the population has ballooned to 402.

The principal gave an example of electrical class which has a capacity of 20students but it is now forced to occupy 45 students at a go, a number he says is extremely high for a technical class

Despite all the challenges, Mr. Nyadenge still encourages students who failed to secure a chance in higher learning institutions or did not join secondary schools for one reason or another to consider joining the institution assuring that they offer courses which are highly marketable




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