Leopard Spotted in Nyalenda A.

A section of Nyalenda ‘A’ residents in Kisumu East Sub County led by former MCA aspirant Brian Jobita have called upon Kenya Wildlife Services to take quick action in capturing an animal that is said to be a leopard.
Brian, whose sheep was attacked and killed by the “leopard” said that the animal has been spotted severally and recently, it attacked five sheep belonging to one of his neighbors.
He added that the KWS officers who came to the ground didn’t give them satisfactory answers, especially because they were only being dismissive yet the animal had been spotted severally by different individuals. He asked calling the Department to take quick actions to ensure the safety of the residents.
However, according to Amos Nyaoro who is one of the KWS officers who went to the ground and is also the officer in charge of Human –Wildlife Conflict in Kisumu, there were no signs of a leopard in the way the sheep was killed and even in the area. He added that they would however take a trap to the area.




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