National Environmental Management Authority NEMA in collaboration with the ministry of mining and energy officially closed down Kanga Gold mines after it emerged that there could be cracks in the houses surrounding the area over use of explosives from the Gold mines.

According to the assistant Director of NEMA of Migori County Mrs.Judy Arieko, due to the complains the office had received from a section of the residents over the cracks from the use explosives in the area, they would ensure that no activity is carried out in the mines until they conduct thorough survey and give reports on the matter.

Speaking to Dala Fm, Mrs. Arieko said that they had issued  a stop order of any mining activities in the mines until assessment was done urging the residents to cooperate with NEMA and other relevant Authorities to ensure they are not affected for their own benefit.

This comes few days after a section of Kanga Residents in Rongo Sub County led by Mrs. Rael Omollo showed fear that the use of explosives in the gold mines was causing cracks in their houses something they said might lead to sinking of the houses in the area endangering their lives and called upon the ministry of mining and the department of environment and natural disaster to come out and help in the control of the use of explosives from the gold mines in the area.

Few months ago the permanent secretary in the state department of mining and petroleum Mr.John Omenge while visiting various Gold mines in Migori County promised to ensure artisan miners are provided with necessary mining equipment and skills in a bid to avert cases of deaths among other challenges which have been reported in the county for long time from the miners.




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