The senate public accounts committee intends to convene a meeting with the Siaya county Assembly, with a view of finding a lasting solution to disagreements that have been emerging between the county assembly and executive.

This is according to senate PAC chairperson Moses Kajwang’who stated that unlike other regions Siaya has not had major wrangles as compared with other counties and the senate would wish to assist the county solve its issues affecting development before the rifts get deeper.

He says that Siaya County should be an example of success of devolution since most of the leaders who spearheaded the fight for devolved governance hail from the county.

He was speaking during a fund drive at Yenga Catholic Church in Ugenya Sub County where Narok Senator Olekina Ledama also expressed the need of senate to give support and guidance to the Assembly so as to ensure unity among the leaders which will in turn enhance development of the County.

Siaya senator James Orengo asked the members of the county assembly to prepare themselves for a meeting to deliberate on the issues that have been ailing the county, even before going for the meeting proposed by the Senate PAC chair.

 Senator Orengo stated that he intends to have two separate meetings with the Assembly and the Executive to try and find a lasting solution to the issues that may deny Siaya county the peace it has been enjoying.

The senators made the remarks following recent incidents in the county such as assembly refusing to pass a supplementary budget proposed by the executive hence creating a deep rift between the two arms of government.

 The MCAs lead by Yimbo East MCA Francis Otiato, asked the senate to intervene and have the problems ailing Siaya County solved once and for all.




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