Woman stops selling her kidney after getting sponsor



A mother of two in Kisumu who was to sell her kidney to send her daughter to form one at Moi Nyabohanse secondary school will not do so after all.

This is after a US Foundation came to her aid by paying the first year’s school fee to the tune of Sh. 53,000 and offering support for the purchase of school items.

Andre Patrice Carter who runs Carter Foundation learnt about the tribulations of Rhoda Abaja through a friend in Kisumu after it was aired and published on both Dala FM and website.

Madam Patrice Carter

Carter was touched by the story and immediately contacted Dala FM with the support.

Speaking to Dala FM by phone from USA, Carter thanked God for the support she gave out to the family.

She says the support will go a long way in shaping the life of Spencer Lencer Anyumba who is now set to join form one next week.

“And am believing and trusting God, that they will have funds for her to finish high school and finish college because I believe she have a lot of potential to change the world,” she said through phone.

When Dala FM team led by Evans Odhiambo head of radio visited Abaja in their iron sheet one rented house in Nyamasaria, they were overwhelmed by the support.

Abaja says she lacked words to describe what has happened to her life since she was born.

She says she had lost hope sending her daughter to school and accepted to have one of her kidneys sold to cater for her daughter’s school fees.

“I had lost hope and I came out to sell one of my kidneys. Dala FM aired by story and a Good Samaritan came to may aid,” she said.

Abaja halted the process to sell her kidney and thanked Carter Foundation for saving her life.

Spencer who we found already in her sparkling school uniform could not hide her joy as her wish remains to meet her sponsor.

She promised to work hard to attain excellent grades as a testimony to Carter Foundation that their support is worth it.

“I want to thank Carter Foundation for paying my first year’s school fee. I promised to work hard and get A minus or A plan in my Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education,” she said.

Spencer during the interview

Spencer scored 384 marks out of 500 marks in the last year’s Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE).




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