Woman ready to sell her kidney to send her child to school



A single mother in Kisumu is ready to sell her kidney to send her daughter to Moi Nyabohanse Secondary School.

Rhoda Abaja, whose daughter Lencer Anyumba scored 384 marks in last year’s Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) says her daughter will not join form one due to school fees.

Abaja who is a construction casual laborer says her daughter who is supposed to join a national school has been unsuccessful in landing a sponsorship.

She says the future of her daughter will be determined by her education thus the urge to sell her kidney to send her to school.

The mother of two says her daughter has been performing well and was admitted to Bridge International School in Nyamasaria after separating with her husband.

She narrated how she tried unsuccessfully to admit her daughter in a public school to no success.

Abaja says her daughter has been troubled as reporting day which is 13th of this month nears.

She has told her daughter that she is not capable to send her to the school where she got an admission and will continue appealing for funds for her education.

Her daughter who aspires to be a neurosurgeon is also appealing to a well wisher to come to their aid and save her mum from selling her kidney.




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