There is need to observe the rule of law and respect constitutional offices and arms of government for corruption to be effectively fought in Kenya.

Siaya senator James Orengo says that corruption affected even previous governments and fighting it begins with the highest level of government.

Orengo says as it is, the fight against corruption in the county has become seasonal, with action only be taken when issues blow out of proportion.

Hon Orengo points out that the president must interrogate the inner circle of the government to determine whether they have a role towards contribution to corruption.

He says it does not make any sense to give sanctions and making proclamations on corruptions but take action to end the vice that has heavily affected the country.

Senator Orengo says that even the parliament cannot be able to help fight corruption if the members from the majority party in the house take advantage of their dominance to cover institutions and individuals to cover those involved in corruption.

He was speaking in Rarieda constituency during a fund drive in aid of a church, where the area Mp Otiende Amollo insisted that it will be close to impossible to end corruption in the country in the manner the fight is currently being done.

Otiende says that fight against corruption will only succeed once the rule of law is upheld and decisions made as per the constitution.




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