Teenagers in the county of homa bay are being urged to take their education seriously. According to Steve Agunga, Nancy Naomi and Evelyne Dinda say that education is what can change the life of somebody.

Speaking in homa bay when giving out their testimonies how they have really struggles after dropping out of school but plan international Kenya came into their refuge, Agunga noted that he dropped out of school and got married but for a woman but nothing good that he could see therefore he advised his colleagues to ensure that they don’t engage in immoral behaviors that can ruin their life.

Agunga went back to school and now he has a dream of becoming a journalist after the end of his study. At the same time, Naomi noted that she had dropped out of school and got pregnant when the parents neglected their roles and left her to find means of survival.

With the help of the plan she is planning to go back to school and for that advised her fellow girls that have given up in life simply because they have given birth instead focus a head so that they can achieve their goals.

As a result, Dinda urged the teenagers to be themselves and should come out to condemn any act of discrimination or violation of life given to them by the parents through denying them access to education
however advised that no one should lose hope and engage in evil deeds.




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