Symposium on Cultural and Creative Industries to be held in Nairobi.


The Goethe-Institut Kenya shall host the Kenya – Germany Symposium – Transforming the Cultural and Creative Industries between Friday 22nd and Sunday 24th March at the Park Inn by Radisson in Westlands Nairobi, Kenya.

Held in the framework of the Jenga CCI project launched in mid-January, the three day conference shall bring together German and Kenyan practitioners in the Cultural and Creative Industries (CCI) to explore key issues that are viewed as critical for the development of these industries as well as forge international exchange and cooperation. The four panels will feature eight German/European and eleven Kenyan speakers.

Africa, currently estimated to have a population of more than 1.3 billion is touted to be home to one of the largest labour force by 2040. The Cultural and Creative Industries are viewed as an area that could provide a possible solution to Africa’s ever increasing unemployment challenge.

However, faced by a range of difficulties and obstacles the industries are unable to operate at its full potential; the symposium shall therefore kick off with a session dubbed ‘Skills for the Future of Creative Industries’ that will identify and address skills needed in order to sustain the growth of the industries, as well as look at challenges and opportunities. The panel will also give an insight about the gaps in the creative skills section.

“Beyond today’s successful practitioners, the need to invest in the sector’s growth and development, and in the education of its practitioners across all creative sector value chains, cannot be overstated,” says the Jenga CCI team.

The session will explore workforce training and continuous professional development as well as the need to adapt to new technologies and develop new operating models and approaches.

It will pave way for yet another critical discussion on ‘Cooperation in Film, TV and digital media’. With Kenya’s film sector on a steady rise and an estimation from PwC indicating that revenues from Kenyan cinemas will reach $7.7million by 2020, the key challenge for stakeholders in the sector is lack of adequate investment for the productions. It will be an opportunity for policy makers and the relevant film bodies to explore ways that can address the issue of public financing and get to understand how Germany — which is said to be the world’s second largest film finance economy — is able to sustain its financing for the film industry.

This session will explore opportunities around content, financing models, available skills and competence building opportunities. It will also take stock of the existing Kenya – Germany collaborations and map out future opportunities for Kenyan/German film and digital media.

Other topics to be discussed over the three days will include ‘Entertainment Law and Intellectual Property’, as well as immersive technology like VR/AR, E-sports and its future. Outside of the panel sessions, Jenga CCI has organized Business to Business sessions at the end of every panel where participants can engage with each other on an individual level. To experience the various cultural and creative businesses in Kenya, on Sunday 24th March participants will have a chance to visit various institutions for immersive sessions.

In addition to the symposium, the Goethe-Institut Kenya is also conducting various trainings as well as supporting practitioners with development of their businesses. In collaboration with HEVA Fund, Young women running businesses in the creative industries shall receive up to $10,000 in technical and financial support.

Aimed at facilitating a sustainable development of the emerging market of cultural and creative industries in Kenya, Jenga CCI – the Global Project is implemented by the Goethe-Institut Kenya in cooperation with the GIZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit) on behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).




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