Suspect in shooting remanded at Kodiaga



A man arrested last week for shooting another over parking row at Polyview estate in Kisumu will be locked up at Kodiaga maximum prison.

The suspect Daniel Jaoko was scheduled to take plea today after being locked up at Kondele police station for 7 days but failed due to lack of a High Court judge.

Judges are on recess and the suspect will be remanded until 29th this month where he is expected to be arraigned in a Busia court.

The suspect appeared before Kisumu Resident Magistrate Anjeline Odawo in the chambers who ordered that the accused to take plea on Thursday in Busia.

Odawo also directed that a mental examination be conducted on the accused.

According to the prosecution, Daniel Yona Jaoko on 17th this month within Polyview estate allegedly murdered Peter Otieno Agola.

Last Monday, the accused appeared before Winam Court Principal Jocelyne Mitey but failed to take plea.

The investigations officer had requested for 14 days to continue holding the suspect to complete investigations and also get a postmortem report for the deceased.

The investigation officer, Eliab Njehia also told the court that the accused had to be detained for his own safety since they got information of a planned retaliatory attack on the suspect.

However, the court granted the investigations officer only 7 days to conclude investigations.




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