Asumbi TTC will represent the whole of Nyanza in games which is starting today. They emerged winners  among all colleges during Nyanza regional and according to principal Dr. Maurice Ndolo, they are taking a total of 14 teams to meet other regions like Rift Valley, Nairobi  in matches of football men & women, netball men & women, basketball women & men, volley ball women & women.

The matches will be played starting today up to 6th of this month.

Addressing the press over the weekend when the leaders led by county woman rep hon. Gladys wanga, MP for Rangwe hon. Lilian Gogo among the MCAs came out to support them through donation of playing kits, Dr.
Ndolo noted that they are certain that they will stop at nothing by trophies. Adding that sports help in cohesion since the participants get to be together




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