Speaker hail ruling



Siaya County Assembly Speaker George Okode has announced that the Assembly has been vindicated by the Kisumu High Court ruling that nine Siaya County Executive Committee members did not merit being in office.

Okode says the Assembly had observed that there was no fulfillment of the requirement on knowledge, experience and distinguished career as required in law.

He says the Assembly did send the names of the CeCs back to Governor Cornel Rasanga for considerations.

Okode says the three judge bench vindicated the stand that was taken by the Assembly.

He says the ruling though did not terminate the services of the CeCs but give room for the petitioners to further seek for the removal of the nine officers.

Addressing the press in Kisumu, Okode says the political persuasion made the Assembly to back off and let the names to sail through.

He says the pronouncement of the court is clear that the Assembly followed the law to reject the names.

Okode says the ruling is a wakeup call to the 47 County Governments to always conduct their duties within the confines of the law.




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