Siaya county government will use the visit by former US president Barrack Obama into the county to market itself as a tourist destination.


Siaya deputy governor Dr. James Okumbe says that he is optimistic Obama will be accompanied by a host of investors and will grab that opportunity to show case capabilities of the county.

Addressing the press in his office ahead of the planned visit by Obama come 16th of this month, Dr Okumbe said that he is optimistic that this visit will be a beginning of many more opening up development opportunities for the county.

Dr. Okumbe stated that this visit will mark the beginning of engagement with the former president so as to share with him what they would wish as a county to be helped accomplish.

He stated that in this first visit, as a county they don’t have a definite petition to hand to the former president Obama but will engage on way forward on matters development of the county.

The deputy governor further assured the people of Siaya that they are working on ensuring that the public get to follow the activities that will be taking place during the Obama Visit.

He said that even if the event venue set aside by the sauti Kuu foundation where former president Obama will hold a public lecture will not have enough space, should the county be given a go ahead by the organizers, they will project the event on big screens outside the main venue for the people to follow the event.

Former president Obama is expected to launch the Sauti Kuu foundation sports academy complex situated near his ancestral home in Kogelo village within Siaya County.





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