Homa Bay County Senator Moses Kajwang want governor Cyprian Awiti  to share with him the audit report the task force had used to warrant over 300 employees and the payroll manager  being sacked for the claims that they were recruited illegally.

Hon. Kjawng’ says that these people could have not employed themselves instead they were recruited by the board and the county secretary so instead of sending the employees home he ought to have started with
the county secretary first and the board.

While speaking to DALA FM through phone, Kajwang’ noted that if these people were recruited illegally then the county has been losing a lot of money on the ghost workers thereby hiking the wage bill as development is lagging behind.

Last week, the minority leader in the national assembly and also the national ODM party chair hon. John Mbadi lamented that it is so sad that in the last five years that governor Awiti has been in office no development can be counted as he had done to the people of homa-bay.

At the same time, gubernatorial candidate in the last election hon.Joseph Oyugi Magwanga noted that this is just a tactic to confuse theresidents of homa-bay since those sacked were not the ghost workers but professionals instead said the ghost workers have not been sent home yet.

He added that there are some of the people in the county who are earning salaries from more than one department yet they have been detained, he therefore noted that they will not allow the devolution which Raila fought for to enrich few individuals as the public are suffering.




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