Public accounts committee chairman James Opiyo Wandayi says that the sector has the ability of opening up the economy of the country for massive growth if public resource wastages in the sector are properly handled.

 Hon Wandayi says that despite the governments effort to open up more roads in the country, the rate of corruption and wastage in the sector is so high hence urgent need for action.

 Speaking in Ugunja, the legislator further called on the Auditor General to pay more attention to the roads sector interms of wastage of public resources.

 The Ugunja Mp further issued warning to contractors who are out syphon public funds that their days are numbered and it will not be business as usual for them in the coming new year.

 He points out that there are suspicions that the contractors are working in partnership with government officials within the sector to swindle tax payers money allocated for the sector.




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