Residents decry poor road network



Residents of Makindu in Muhoroni constituency are calling upon the county government to improve the road network in the area.

A resident David Omondi says the road network, particularly the one leading to Makindu dispensary is in deplorable situation.

Omondi says the road is cut off at the banks of a local river following the failure by the county government to complete the construction of a bridge.

The bridge found in Nyangoma Masogo ward was started during the reign of the first governor Jack Ranguma but has since been neglected.

Speaking to the press during a forum to launch a scorecard on the dispensary that was carried out by Transform Empowerment for Action Initiative (TEAM), Omondi says doctors and other health workers at the dispensary are forced to skip duty during rainy season.

Another resident attending the forum, Fanuel Olama called for proper stocking of drugs at the dispensary.

Olama says occasionally the dispensary runs out of stock and appealed to Governor Anyang Nyong’o to ensure steady supply of such essentials.

TEAM coordinator Maureen Kemunto says the forum was initiated to give the public the voice to air out their concerns as far as service delivery is concerned.




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