Leaders from Jubilee and NASA more so the MPs have started devolving the handshake thing to mashinani. Led by the woman rep for Kerinyaga hon. Purity Wangoi Ngirishi, it is the handshake that has brought peace and unity to the people of Kenya and for that they cannot afford not to support and embrace it fully.

She noted that as leaders they will start embarking on devolving development to all parts of the country.

She was supported by hon. Junnet Mohammed MP for Suna East who noted that the handshake is like a by-pass that will take people to Canaan therefore the public should be patient and warned those talking of 2022 politics to wait till that time reach because now people want development.

Speaking in Kanyamwa kosewe ward during a fund drive for St. Joseph Pith Dibuoro Catholic Church in Ndhiwa constituency, hon. Fatuma Gedi woman rep Wajir noted that as Jubilee they will always follow what their leader Uhuru Kenyatta says and for that they are fully behind handshake and constitutional review so that the Country can move on as one nation.

As a result, the same was echoed by hon. Babu Owino MP for Embakasi East and hon. Gladys Wanga who urged other leaders not to confuse it for 2022 politics or a small race.

The meeting was also attended by hon. Sam Atandi MP Alego-Usonga and hon. Godfrey Osotsi from Vihiga County who is also the secretary general for ANC who noted that the handshake and the constitution review are co-joined.




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