Government through the department of Public Health has closed down The Homeground Medical Center in Ugunja town over poor hygiene and sanitation standards.


According to the Public Health officer in charge of Ugunja township area Mr. Ogaja Ogaja, they have decided to close the private hospital with immediate effect after establishing that the management of that facility had not adhered to the required sanitation standards.


He said that they found the female and labour wards at the heath facility in a pathetic situation, adding that the walls of those Wards were found full of blood stains making the place unhygienic for patients.


The Public health officer also revealed that injection rooms and kitchen at the health facility were found infested with insects and that their foods are also in the open and unhygienicaly protected.


Mr. Ogaja Ogaja has therefore given the health facility a closure notice pending other actions, adding that the facility will remain closed until when the management shall have met the required hygiene and sanitation standards.


He at the same time ordered that the food handlers at the health facility need to be subjected to a proper medical check-up to guarantee the safety of the patients whom they serve.


The public health officer stated that the crackdown has just began and it will continue to other health facilities, food joints and pharmaceuticals to ensure proper hygiene and sanitation standards are fully observed in Ugunja town and its environs.




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