Prioritize county employees salaries


Elected leaders in Kisumu County have been told to ensure county employees’ salaries are prioritized to avert cases of strike in future.

Citizens Convention Party leader, Grace Akumu, says the situation in Kisumu is worrying and needs urgent attention.

Akumu told Governor Anyang Nyong’o to rise up and address the salary delay of the workers that has crippled service delivery to the people.

She says Kisumu residents voted for Nyong’o expecting proper service delivery and lack of services in public hospitals exposes patients to further suffering.

Speaking to the press in Kisumu, Akumu says the poor people who are not able to afford medical services in private hospitals are dying.

Akumu says elected leaders must ensure tax payers money being disbursed to the counties is used prudently.

She says counties in Luo Nyanza have failed to realize the dream of devolution due to poor service delivery.

However, when contacted, the Governor’s press unit director, Aloice Agger confirmed that salaries for the employees are already being reflected in their various bank accounts.




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