Population growth rate worrying.



An expert warned that the country’s resources might be scarce as population continues to rise every decade.

National Council for Population and Development Kisumu programme coordinator Bernard Kigen, said the country’s population is growing at an alarming rate and projected a higher rise when the country goes to census next month.

Kigen said the population growth rate is worrying since it would outweigh the resources at the disposal of the government to its people.

Speaking on Thursday at Nyalenda slums in Kisumu to mark World Population Day, kigen said that the government must now plan on how best to sensitize its citizens on a manageable family number.

He added that Kenyans should not be forced on a particular number of children to have in a family.

Kigen said a bloated population will stagnate development and expose citizens to poverty and sufferings.

He told the public not to listen to calls from politicians who occasionally urge for more births but wok out on a family number that is manageable.

He says a manageable family number requires that basic needs, education, healthcare and food should be provided without straining on the resources at the family’s disposal.

Kigen announced that Kenya will this year in November convene a high-level conference to advance the implementation of the International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD) Programme of Action.

He said this year marks the 25th anniversary of the ground breaking ICPD which took place in Cairo in 1994.




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