Popular Comedian comes to clear out dumping rumours


Popular Comedian Eric Omondi has come out to clear rumours that his girlfriend Chantal Grazioli has dumped him.

The comedian was forced to explain their relationship status to the public after his woman took to social media to send a very strange message that many were quick to conclude all is not well.

“It’s funny how you think you know someone but you actually don’t.” she posted.

Not Worried

During a recent interview, Eric said that their marriage is strong and he’s not concerned about the rumours.

“Those are just rumours my girlfriend is currently out of the country and I am at the moment busy with my comedy work. People are just very funny I remember them telling me to stop with so much lovey dovey and concentrate on my comedy but know that I am doing it they still have something to say,” said Omondi.

A quick inspection of their social media timelines shows that the two haven’t been sharing pictures of each other for quite a while.

The two were lastly together in March so they are on serious dry spells (we hope). The post also comes just days after Eric promised that a wedding will come in 2019.




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