Polytechnics partner to improve quality of education.


The Canadian Government is funding the country’s 10 National Polytechnics to the tune of Sh. 1.5 billion through Kenya Education for Employment Program me.

Senior Programme officer Catherine Paquin says the three and a half years program-me is being run in collaboration with the ministry of education.

Paquin says that in Western Kenya, three national polytechnics, Kisumu, Kisii and Sigalagala were identified to benefit.

Speaking at Kisumu National Polytechnic, Paquin says they are training over 200 trainers to better deliver competency based education and training.

The Programme senior technical advisor Moritz Schmidt says the program facilitates partnerships between Kenyan and Canadian Technical and Vocational Education Training (TVET) institutions.

Schmidt says the institutions will provide for over 1200 students in TVET institutions to gain industry relevant skills.

He says the colleges were chosen through a very competitive process and the ones that won are the ones partnering with them.

Schmidt says the aim is to improve the quality and relevance of technical education in the institutions and be able to get quick jobs.




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