East African Legislative Assembly member Dr. Oburu Oginga has laughed off Deputy President William Ruto’s call on NASA co-principals Raila Odinga and Musalia Mudavadi to support his 2022 presidential bid.

The legislator who was flanked by Siaya County Public Service Board Chairman Joe Donde says that by making the sacrifice which he claims to have made, Ruto was only building himself up.

Dr. Oburu pointed out that in those sacrifices that Ruto claims to have made, he made them for himself to become more popular and at the same time he was serving his own interests.

The EALA MP, who was speaking after a church service at the ACK St. Michael’s and all angels Cathedral Bondo, added that Ruto should not even complain of anything because he became one of the most powerful ministers during the grand coalition government.

Dr, Oburu stated that having been a beneficiary during the grand coalition government, Ruto should now not claim that he helped anybody because if anything the Agriculture ministry which he was given is one of the biggest dockets in this country.

He stated that when people are fighting jointly in a course to achieve an objective it is meant to benefit the people and not individuals, noting that even now Ruto cannot claim to have helped President Uhuru Kenyatta because they are all beneficiaries in the current regime.

Deputy president William Ruto had pleaded with Mr. Odinga and Mudavadi to return favours, claiming that he supported them in 2007 and managed to secure the positions of the Prime Minister and his Deputy.

Ruto who spoke at a Function in Kakamega, had claimed that he sacrificed a lucrative post to enable Mr. Odinga and Mudavadi secure those posts.





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