Police net illegal currency and gold


Police in Isiolo have arrested four prime suspects who were found transporting 217,555 Euros and 20,000 US dollars worth sh.44, 293,935 and five kilograms of gold worth of sh.20 million.

The foreign money and gold were all valued at sh.60, 293,935 and the suspects are considered to be involved in money laundering crime.

Police investigating the crime are yet to verify if the foreign currency and gold are genuine.

Isiolo County Commissioner Mr. John Odengo said the security officers patrolling Isiolo-Moyale highway arrested two bus conductors for buses plying Moyale to Nairobi route Sunday night.

He said that two others including a disabled person who claimed to be the rightful owner were later arrested when they appeared at Isiolo police station.

Mr. Ondego said that the police would investigate if money laundering was involved and proper foreign exchange bureau licenses acquired from the government for the business.

The County boss who is also the chairman of multi security agencies said security officers were 24 hours alert and urged wananchi to report any suspected criminals for swift action to be taken.

He said that the foreign money would be taken to bank to check if it was fake as the four suspects would be arraigned in court after investigation.

Mr. Odengo appealed to business communities to bank their money in local financial institutions and withdraw it in Nairobi instead of carrying cash which was risky in the area especially in the wet season.




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