PLWDs decry sufferings.



Persons Living with Disability (PLWDs) in Kisumu County decried sufferings they always go through.

Jane Apiyo who hails from Nyakach said politicians use them as voting robots but forget about them.

Apiyo said leaders must come out and ensue PLWDs are assisting through existing programs in the counties and national government.

Speaking to the press in Kisumu after participating in an election of the new officials in the county, Apiyo said they should not be neglected.

Mark Odera also living with disability took issue with the office of the county woman representative for not helping them.

Odera told the county woman rep Rosa Buyu to ensure that she has a liaison person who can deal with issues raised by PLWDs.

Monica Oduka from Muhoroni called upon the society to come out and support PLWDs.

Oduka said most families always keep away children and even adults living with disability from the limelight.

She said the government had good plans for them and nobody should be hidden and called upon the society to come out and ensure nobody living with disability was hidden within the houses.




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