Oloo was legally impeached, court



Former Kisumu County Assembly Speaker Onyango Oloo suffered a blow after his attempt to regain his position flopped in court.

Kisumu High Court Judge Nduma Nderi ruled that Oloo was legally impeached and declared his petition unfit.

Nderi says the impeachment of Oloo met the threshold as contained in the Constitution and Standing Orders.

He was ordered to release the County Assembly vehicle he is still holding.

The court further directed the Assembly to ensure any accrued benefits they are owing to Oloo.

Oloo was impeached in September 19 after 42 MCAs voted to have him impeached.

In the ruling, Nderi says Oloo was summoned by the Assembly to defend himself to the 10 accusations leveled against him but failed to appear.

Kondele MCA Joachim Oketch moved the motion to have Oloo impeached.

Among the allegations leveled against Oloo included failing to conduct house proceedings in a free fair, objective and impartial manner, failure to allow executive Bills to be debated and being subject of an active corruption investigation.

In the Affidavit, the court said Oloo accepted that he was summoned by the Assembly but failed to convince court why he failed to appear before the Assembly.

On the impeachment day, Oloo said he attempted to access his office at 9 am but was denied entry by a group of MCAs and hired goons.

The impeachment was to be conducted at 2:30 pm and according to court, Oloo had briefed the press in the morning confirming that he was to attend the impeachment session.

On the corruption case facing Oloo following his stint as the chairman of Lake Basin Development Authority (LBDA), Nderi says the case has no bearing to his holding of the office of the Speaker.

Nderi says Oloo is innocent until proven guilty and the court is not in a position to punish him over the pending case.

Acting Speaker Elisha Oraro hailed the ruling announcing that it is a new dawn for the Assembly.

However, Oloo told the press after the judgment that he is appealing the ruling in the interest of Kisumu County residents.




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