An elderly woman believed to be a notorious drug peddler in Bondo Sub County is in police custody after she was arrested in her house at Wichlum beach within Nyaguda sub location in Bondo subcounty last night.
Mary Miruka Odero (72) was arrested by administration police officers who were on patrol after getting tip-off from members of the public.
According to area assistant chief Edwin Juma the administration police officers in the area have been trailing the suspects for more than six months after  getting information that she is the main distributor of bhang and other illicit drugs in the area.
Juma who spoke to the press in Bondo stated that the police raided Mary’s home where they confiscated more than 51 stones,10kgs  rolls and 10 brooms of unprepared bhang.
He added that the police also found 28 sachets of the banned Simba brand liquor and two bundles of cigarettes believed to have been exported from Uganda.
The administrator revealed that they have intelligence report that the suspect gets her supply from Ugenya Sub County and has been using her house as the distribution point to other dealers in the region.
Mr Juma further disclosed that the suspect was released from prison early this year after she was arrested and convicted for drug peddling related offence two years ago but has returned to undertake her old business.
He stated that he will work closely with other provincial administers from neighboring sub locations to ensure they rid the area of illicit drugs and alcohol which has destroyed the lives of many youths.
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