A researcher from Kemri CDC Kisumu has dispelled the notion by individuals who have claimed to be cured of HIV/AIDS after being put on ARV medication for some time.

Dr Eunice Ouma says that so far researchers have not found cure for HIV/AIDS but instead they have come up with interventions of preventing further spread of the disease.

Dr. Ouma explains that the reasons as to why HIV positive patients may have their HIV viral load go down and become undetectable is due to suppression the virus receives from the ARVs .

She says that however when further test is done of such patients, the virus would still be detected in their body, warning that should such a patient discontinue taking medicines, the viral load may go up once again.

Speaking during a one day science Media café organized by Media for Environment, Science health and Agriculture (MESHA) at the Kisumu county hospital, Dr. Ouma however stated that despite the low viral load, a HIV/AIDS patient is still capable of transmitting the disease to their partners incase of unsafe sex.

She says that other sexually transmitted diseases such as syphilis and Gonorrhea can increase chances of spreading the HIV even if the viral load is low.

To avoid further transmission of the HIV virus especially among those who are HIV negative she explains that a number of interventions have been put in place.

And to these who are also HIV positive, there are interventions which have also been put in place to ensure they do don’t transmit it any further and also ensure they live longer.




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