Ugunja Mp James Opiyo Wandayi says that before the new term begins in early January next year, Kenyans should have been told the exact state of the new curriculum that the government has been developing.

 Speaking to the press at his Home in Ugunja, the legislator stated that curriculum of education is a very serious matter that concerns the future of Kenyan children, and if the cabinet minister for Education cannot give Kenyans a clear picture, then the president should take up the mandate to inform Kenyans on when the new curriculum will be ready for implementation.

The MP says that the government has spend alot on tax payers money in developing the new curriculum and it is not right for Kenyans to start getting mixed signals at the last minute on when the new curriculum will be implemented.

Wandayi who is also the chair of public accounts committee at the national assembly therefore called on the government to come up with clear time frames for the implementation of this new curriculum.

The ministry of education had rolled out a pilot project of the new education curriculum of 2-6-6-3 in May 2017 and was to be fully rolled out in pre-primary 1and 2, and primary 1,2 and 3 in 2019.

 However there has been confusing statement from the cabinet secretary in the ministry of education Amb. Amina Mohamed after she recently indicated that the country was not ready to roll out the new curriculum




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