NACADA happy with Uganda ban on sachets.



The National Authority for the Campaign Against Alcohol and Drug Abuse (NACADA) hailed the step taken by the neighboring country Uganda to ban consumption and sale of alcohol in sachets.

NACADA chairman Julius Githiria said the move would help Kenya to save young people from drowning in alcohol.

Githiria said the sachets from the neighboring country always get its way into the country.

He said East African countries were working closely in the fight against drug abuse notably among the young generation.

The small sachets were always favoured by those on low incomes because they are cheap making young people vulnerable to its consumption.

The ban according to NACADA chairman would drastically curb alcohol abuse in the country.

NACADA chief executive officer Victor Okioma however challenged county governments not to be in a hurry to increase their revenue base by blindly giving bar licenses.

Okioma told counties to be wary of the danger they might be exposing the locals to by inspecting what was being sold in the bars to ascertain whether they meet the standard requirements.

The NACADA officials spoke in Kisumu during a forum with civil societies a head of celebrations to mark international day against drug abuse to be held in Kisumu today.




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