Popular Comedian and TV Host, Chipukeezy, who was recently appointed as one of the
directors of NACADA issued a statement on the recent multiple arson occurrences in high
schools around the country yesterday (12 th July 2018) from State House Girls High School.

Speaking to the students at State House Girls High School in his capacity as a NACADA
official, Chipukeezy said: "One of the excuses that is being used is the fear of exams
Regarding this serious issue of burning of schools. I am very saddened by this and want to
advocate for peace and calm. Recent NACADA research findings show that so far, around
82,000 students in Kenyan secondary schools abuse alcohol.

Chipukeezy stated that according to NACADA reports, 39,000 students use bhang while a
shocking 4,000 are on cocaine and heroine. The statistics continue to show that over 78,000
students have access to prescription drugs that they abuse, and that most youth who abuse
drugs are introduced exposed to the vice between the ages of 10-19 years.
Chipukeezy added, "The fact that some youth start to abuse drugs while still under the care
of their parents is worrying. Parents need to start talking to their kids on the dangers of drug
abuse. They shouldn't leave that responsibility only to teachers. On the other hand, students
need to be aware that drugs can and will kill you.

As a way of curbing the drug menace, Chipukeezy suggests that high schools engage
students in extra co-curricular activities to encourage participation in Drama, Music, and
Games, etc. Such activities will make the students enjoy going to school while nurturing
their talent. He further added kiosks that are built around schools should be demolished as
they are used as gateways to pass drugs into the schools.

Chipukeezy concludes: “To curb the drug menace and to come to the bottom of the issue of
high schools burning, teachers need to be more aware of what they are facing. All Kenyans
must unite with teachers, parents and government in this war against drug abuse amongst
our youth.”




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