Multi agency approach to be employed further



The government will continue to use multi agency approach to most of its activities to get the desired results.

Principal Secretary in the ministry of Information Communication and Technology and Innovation Jerome Ochieng says the approach works best and will be employed in all government activities.

Ochieng spoke in Kisumu on Friday morning when he oversaw the opening of Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) examinations container.

Ochieng says the examination exercise is a national affair and Cabinet Secretaries and Principal Secretaries alongside other government officials are involved to ensure the exercise is conducted in a fair manner.

The PS says the past national examinations were marred by irregularities giving results to students which they do not deserve.

He says the atmosphere created around the national examinations will ensure that the students score what they deserve.

He says the potential of every candidate in the country will be achieved through the transparent national examination exercise.

Ochieng says the country will only get the correct manpower if the examinations are conducted above board devoid of exam malpractice.

Ochieng told Kenyans that the tight security being witnessed around the examination centers should not be misconstrued to be intimidation of candidates but aimed at ensuring the exercise is devoid of irregularities.

After the opening of the container, the PS further went ahead to visit another of examination centers within Kisumu Central Constituency.




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