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Non state actors in Kisumu are calling for more resources in the health sector in the county.

Chairperson, Community Support for Development, Tereza Otieno says Universal Health Coverage (UHC) that was piloted in Kisumu failed to achieve its mission.

Otieno says UHC failed to address maternal deaths in the society and called for more support towards healthcare.

Speaking during a public forum at Rotary centre in Kisumu, Otieno says as non state actors they will conduct advocacy in the society to ensure they demand for more funds to the sector.

A resident of Nyalenda slums, Ivyone Ogola says UHC was meant to make healthcare affordable to the common person.

Ogola blamed the public for their failure to attend public participation and push for more allocation to the healthcare.

She says free maternity will be realized if the public comes out and demand for more resources to the health sector in the county.

Another resident, Beatrice Oreengo echoed the same sentiments noting that women, mostly pregnant women need more attention in the health facilities.

Oreengo says a healthy society can be achieved if health matters are prioritized.




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