More pain at the pump as petrol, diesel costs rise


Motorists are set to feel a further pinch at the pump as petrol and diesel prices increased for a second consecutive month in the latest costs review by the Energy Petroleum Regulatory Authority (EPRA).

Petrol prices have increased by an average of Ksh.2.67 across the board while diesel costs have picked up by a further Ksh.2.13 per litre.

Kerosene prices have meanwhile reduced by Ksh.1.26 per litre.

The resulting costs follow an increase to the average landing costs of both petrol and diesel imports.

A litre of petrol will now retail at Ksh.112.87 in Nairobi with the cost of diesel peaking at Ksh.104.45 per litre. The costs of Kerosene will meanwhile come down to Ksh.102.69 for every litre.

The continued increase in general fuel costs is expected to pack the pressure on consumer spending abilities with the inflation rate in January having been retained at a higher 5.78 percent ceiling from 5.82 percent at the end of 2019.




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