Minister for trade, investment and cooperatives Carelus Ademba threatens to resign if governor Cyprian Awiti does not sack the cartels in his government.

Mr. Ademba says that the governor is a very good man but the problem are the cartels in his government and for that say if this people are not dealt with then there will be no service delivery adding that they cannot afford to lose five years that went wasted simply in the hands of the hands of cartels.

Speaking in Kendu Bay Alaw Rachuonyo hall during the fund raising for the boda-boda group, Mr Ademba therefore challenged the MCAs who are doing the oversight role to act swiftly.

Adding that he cannot keep quite as four people are taking advantage and the county government is planning to fail in this five years also.

He confirmed that he is ready to leave any time provided he has spoken the truth and rescue the public from suffering that they have undergone through.

As a result, he noted that as a community of homa bay, they need money for development but as long as the cartels are still there the county is also losing this second term of governor Awiti if they are not careful.




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