Migori County has been losing Ksh.7.5 million to ghost workers every year. This is according to Migori County governor Zachary Okoth Obado who said that according to report from the head count of the public servants that was conducted between the 5th and 26th last month.

While speaking at the Migori county government offices compound during his release of the preliminary reports on the findings from the exercise, the governor applauded the judiciary for providing support and allowing the exercise to continue saying the county has been spending a lot of money to undesignated workers.

He said that the county expected to conduct a head count to 3,345  who the county has been paying however at the end of the exercise, only 3,078 workers turned up for the exercise adding that the remaining 267 workers who never turned up will be shown the door since they will be regarded as the ghost workers.

According to the report a total of ksh.27,790 has been going into the account of three people who are no longer servants in the county government of migori every month, as a total of ksh.114,205 has been going to the account of two people who had been relieved off their duties with a total of ksh.800,069 has been going into the account of 40 servants who had deviated to private jobs adding that the report also showed that one convict has also been receiving a total of Ksh.27,405 every month as 8 servants has also been receiving ksh.318,500 into their account every month using forged certificates.

The report also showed that 96 servants who either had retired or quit the job has been receiving ksh.3.4 into their account as ksh.2.3 million has been going into the account of 856 servants uncounted for with the county government relieving off one county officer who is claimed to have given himself job promotion as well as awarding themselves allowances.

The governor has however promised to ensure all the public servants are responsible for their work and all these gaps filled in a bid to improve the economy of the county of Migori as well as improve on their living standards.





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