The county government of homa bay may not have an allocation of ksh. 200million for the establishment of a bank through the counties economic block.

This is after the MCA rejected the motion presented unto them by the majority leader of the homa bay county assembly to approve allocation of this fund.

The MCAs led by hon. Walter Were Muok for Kanyadoto noted that this money can be used to do essential things to members of the public like water, improving health sector and the worse thing they don’t know where to get the fund since the county government has been telling them no money where will this they want allocated come from.

As hon. Evans Dada Marieba the deputy speaker and also MCA for Gwasii south noted that they are not against the bank being established through the economic block but the procedure being used in getting the money is very wrong.

Adding that he has no answers to tough questions which the public will ask since they have been demanding for services but the answer is NO MONEY then if the electorates more so the traders are doing business in the atmosphere which is not conducive, where will they get the money to bank in this bank.

As a result, hon. Dan Ochieng’ Were MCA for Kakello Kokwanyo noted that they should move very first as elected leaders and the resident to prevent the county government from removing even a single cent for
the establishment of the bank yet there is no development in homa bay county.

At the same time, due to heated debate, the majority leader Richard Ouma Ogindo was forced to withdraw the motion and speaker Elizabeth Ayoo put the question of withdrawal and the MCAs agreed unanimously.




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