KRA intercepts narcotics at JKIA


Press Release: Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) has intercepted narcotics at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA).

The narcotics were concealed in a package of vitamin tablets that consisted of 26 vape cartridges filled with cannabis oil and five sachets each weighing one gram of hashish. The narcotics which had been sent through a courier service provider had been declared as candy.

The drugs were seized by KRA Customs Enforcement Officers during a routine check by the K9 team at the Cargo Centre (KQ) Shed.

The package was further subjected to scanning and thereafter intrusive verification. Samples were also drawn and forwarded to the Customs laboratory for qualitative spot tests which indicated presence of the narcotics. The shipment was later handed over to the Anti-Narcotics Unit for further investigations.

Customs and Border Control operations recently received a major boost following recruitment of eight additional K9 handlers and acquisition of five more K9s.

The five additional K9s will cover the baggage halls and cargo sheds at the airports, Port of Mombasa and Inland Container Deport in Embakasi more effectively.

KRA continues to put in more relentless measures and remains vigilant in stepping up the fight against smuggling at the points of entry.

Mr. Julius Musyoki – Commissioner, Customs Border Control.




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