Kibos sugar plans relocation of plant



Kibos Sugar and Allied Companies in Kisumu County plans to vacate the region and relocate to a neighboring country if working environment remains volatile.

Already, the company is set to relocate its sugar refinery plant valued at Sh. 2 billion to one of the East African Countries.

One of the company directors Raghbir Singh announced that the refinery plant established four years ago has not been operated due to bureaucracies in the government.

Singh who failed to expound on the challenges that has made it difficult for the plant to operate says they will be seeking space in a country which is friendly to investment.

Singh however says the Governor has been against the idea to relocate as he promised to look into the matters driving them out of Kisumu.

Governor Nyong’o made a visit to the company that has faced complains from the locals that it is polluting local rivers with raw effluent.

Nyong’o says the plan to relocate the factory will hurt the economy of the region since most workers will be laid off.

He announced that he will be engaging the government and other relevant authorities to see into it that matters arising are resolved amicably.

However, he says that it will be difficult to convince the investor to stay put if the business is not growing to their expectations.




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