Kenya and Uganda have come out to have joint operation in Lake Victoria to end cases of harassment of Kenyan fishermen especially in the disputed Migingo Island which has created tension among the two countries for long time now.

Security officials and leaders from both two countries led by Migori county governor Zachary Okoth Obado,Migori County commissioner Joseph Rotich, with Ugandan officials led by Major Martha Asiimiwe who is the monitoring and supervision officer in President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni’s office and Mr.Sylvester Opira who is the residents district Commissioner of Namaingo both who said that they reports of harassment from fishermen in Kenya along Lake Victoria especially the disputed Migingo hence showed optimism that the meeting will bring necessary mechanisms to deal with such cases and have the fishermen conduct their fishing activity in a conducive environment.

While speaking at a joint peace meeting among security forces from the two countries in Migori governor Obado on his part lauded the meeting as a great step towards encouraging economic and cultural integration between the two countries as well as ensuring complains from fishermen is minimized urging the forces and the residents to take the advantage of spirit of the East African cooperation for such benefits.

His sentiments was echoed by Major Martha Asiimiwe, who said the meetings were part of other high level of intervention to find solution to disputed Migingo Island by having fishermen and local leaders from both countries engage directly from both the levels of governance to have direct regional discussion in the spirit of East Africa Community and brotherhood.

Migori County commissioner Joseph Rotich and Sylvester Opira, both said following previous meetings cases of harassments, illegal fishing and cooperation from fishermen and officials have yielded peaceful co-existence with no major cases reported saying some beach management units have jointly bargained for pricing with level of cooperation increasing from 70 per cent, to 90 per cent as well as  bringing peace in the lake and avoid major conflict that have been escalating tension between the two countries.




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