Kenya industrial estate has set aside a total of ksh. 100million to be given to small traders as loan in homa bay county.

According to credit officer in the county Fred Ogolla, it is upon the traders to turn out in large numbers and get this money for industrial development.

Ogolla says that this money is set yearly but worryingly only ksh.30million was given out to traders last year as about ksh. 70million was not spent therefore the public should take advantage of this to get loan and improve on the economy through manufacturing or value addition as one of the pillars that the president did state while
giving the four development pillars.

Addressing the press in homa bay, the branch manager Peter Oduo also state some of the products that they give to the traders as training those who have been given the loan on how to use the money, taking the
business industrialists on tours so that they get to learn new business technics, where to get raw materials and doing linkages with the customers on products produced.

As a result, Oduo noted that the loan is given in groups therefore the public should form groups to help get money for those who cannot get collateral title deed and the loan is given between a tune of ksh.100,000 to 20million therefore the youths who are crying about issues of unemployment should take advantage of this to develop.




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