Fish mongers and business Community from Kang’ang’a market in Oruba Ragana Ward Suna West Sub County have called upon the county government of Migori to come out and erect shades in the market in a bid to allow them enhance their business in the market.

The fish mongers led by Mrs.Mary Mumbi said that they are now facing numerous challenges saying that even the environment they are conducting their business is alarming hence calling upon the county government of Migori to come out and address the matter.

While speaking to press at the market today Mrs.Mumbi said that they cannot continue doing business as required now that the rains are pounding the area adding that despite electing the leaders to serve them as well as paying tax they do not get better services from them hence urging them to come out and help them from the predicament they are going through.

Mrs.Mumbi said that they have contacted few leaders in the region but now action has been taken calling upon the county government of Migori led by Governor Zachary Okoth Obado to come out and assist them in a bid to enhance their business activities in the market for their own benefit and the Migori County at large.

This however comes just few weeks after Union of Migori town business community led by their secretary general Samwel Odhiambo Migore urged the county government of Migori in collaboration with the department of trade to ensure they bring order and sanity in various markets in Migori town and its environs which they said had lacked order of conducting business as well as hygiene depreciation.

Migore said some of the county officers appointed in various department had failed to deliver on the mandate hence urging governor Obado to come out and relief off duties the officers who have been defeated on their mandate however they showed optimism that the business community will not only have better and conducive environment for doing business but also enhance their living standards.




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