Judiciary gets back grabbed land


The Judiciary has reclaimed a parcel of land belonging to the Kisumu law courts which was reportedly grabbed by a former magistrate.

This is after the High Court in Kisumu gave a verdict that the land belonged to the judiciary and ordered four of the defendants to pay for the costs of the suit.

In the protracted legal battle which started in 2008, six parties including a bank and a company were implicated in the illegal transfer of the parcel of land.

The parcel of land is situated where the new court buildings of the Kisumu High Court has been built and has been fenced off by the judiciary.

The suit was first filed by the disbanded Kenya Anti-Corruption Commission before it was consolidated in 2015 with the Ethics and Anti-corruption commission taking over the case.

During the course of the proceedings, the court heard how former Magistrate Charles Oyoo obtained the land before he sold it off to another person.

The parcel was then sold to another suspect who used it for mortgage.

Today, Justice Boaz Olao ruled that former magistrate Oyoo abused the powers of his office and solicited for an allocation of part of the parcel from the commissioner of land.

In his defense, the former magistrate said that he was tricked into believing that the parcel of land was a vacant plot.

In his ruling however, Justice Olao dismissed his claims and said that the land had been reserved for the judiciary since 1951.

The court also declared the title deeds that were obtained by three defendants who obtained the parcel in the transfer as null and void.




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