Planned demo organized by Jowi Movement in the streets of Siaya flopped after a group of youths intercepted in a hotel ,where the plans were going on and disrupted the meeting.

The Movement led by Dr. Kevin Osuri is said to be fighting against corruption, social injustices and the youth’s space in the country.

Earlier on before the meeting was disrupted, Dr Kevin Osuri issued an official statement to the press.

Dr. Osuri noted that, Jowi is ready to fight to the latter, to ensure the public benefits from the devolved system of government and for that,he noted that if the security agencies such as DCI, EACC and DPP cannot take action then they will do it themselves to ensure public is relieved of the bondage.

As a result, he cited that there are several youths that are graduates but they cannot get employment in the counties instead only those in the positions lobby for jobs for their relatives.




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