Members of the Homa Bay county assembly today unanimously passed a motion  recommending to the Govenor of Homa Bay Hon Cyprain Otieno  Awiti to suck the minister for Sports ,gender ,culture and social services Mr. Fredrick  Ochieng Odero  for gross misconduct ,abuse of office ,corruption by failing to account for more than 9 million shillings that was to be use to organize sports in the forty wards. The motion was laid in the floor the assembly by MCA of Rusinga ward Hon Okuku Miregi.

Hon Okuku in his contribution added that the governor of Homa Bay has no alternative but to dismiss the minister after due diligence was followed during the investigations which conform all the laws both in the constitution of the republic of Kenya ,county government act and assembly standing order.

Members unanimously passed the impeachment motion which was put to them by speaker Evance Dada Marieba .




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