houses torched by boda boda ridders

A family in Kabolo location in Kabondo Kasipul has been left homeless after their houses were torched for allegedly being accused that their son was involved in motorbike stealing. Pius Agolla was accused by the boda-boda riders for attacking one of them and making a way with the motorbike.
Addressing the press through phone, the chief of the area David Nyambune noted that the suspect hired the motorbike from Ramba trading centre to their home but upon arrival, the suspect withdrew a machete and slushed the rider and took away his motorbike.
As a result, chief Nyambune added that the rider was helped by villagers who heard his cry then rushed him to a nearby health centre for treatment and was later discharged. While on reaching yesterday, the riders marshaled and matched to the suspect’s home where they burnt down two houses threatening to kill the suspect who escaped.
At the same time, the chief said he has liaised with security officials at Ramula AP camp and have so far launched investigations into the whereabouts of the suspect and for that cautioned residents
against taking the law into their own hands. While contacted the county police commander Marius Tum confirmed the incident.




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