Ugunja MP Hon. James Opiyo Wandayi who is also the ODM Secretary for political affairs now want ODM nomination laws on gubernatorial seat amended.

Wandayi says that County governments are the engines of development in our current devolved dispensations thus there is need to have competent managers as governors who should be identified through a vetting exercise.

He explained that the current nomination system cannot give us competent governors and therefore he is going to present a proposal that seeks the party to be conducting vetting for the identified candidates come up with a single preferred candidate who will then contest with other candidates outside the party in the general election.

The interested individuals for the gubernatorial seat will have to present their Curriculum Vitae (CV) for considerations by the party.

The vetting process, Wandayi says should be conducted one year before the set general election date as this will save the electorates the agony of undergoing nominations that are not effective.

Addressing faithfuls at Rang’ala catholic Church in his Ugunja constituency, he stated that the current nomination process is a waste of time, resources and creates enmity among party members and lovers.

This has also been subjecting electorates to double election process which can be avoided by having a single preferred vetted candidate to contend with other candidates from other parties.




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