Girls call for attention in football



Leaders in Kisumu East Sub County have been challenged not to focus more on boys’ football while neglecting girls’ football teams.

Bilha Akinyi, captain of Falcon girl’s football club from Kolwa Central says ever since, girls’ football teams have been abandoned.

Akinyi who received balls from Steve Biko Gwendo Foundation says girls have talents in football and only needs support.

She says they have been facing a myriad of challenges and thanked the Foundation for coming to their aid with football kits.

Akinyi says engaging girls in sporting activities will help them avoid early pregnancies.

Walter Opiyo, Ragumo FC coach says the support will give the teams within the area motivation to train more and nurture talents.

Opiyo says during school holidays it is important to engage young people in different disciplines in sports as a way of keeping their minds busy.

Meshack Orem, a member of the Foundation who is driving the initiative in Kolwa and by extension the entire Kisumu East says Biko Gwendo was particular about nurturing talents of young people.

Orem says the Foundation will live to its objective of supporting young people in the constituency to realize their dreams through talent nurturing.

The Foundation gave out two balls each to the six football teams in Kolwa Central for both boys and girls as it pledge to do more.




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