Migori county women representative Mr.Denitah Ghati have called for unity among the communities living in the the county.

She said that there is need to promote cohesion and integration among the communities being that Migori county is a cosmopolitan county hence there is need to avoid the differences that has coexisted among the Kuria and the Luo communities especially during electioneering periods.
Speaking in Nyatike sub county where she was giving bursary cheques to secondary schools and colleges from the area Ghati urged the residents to have the Kuria community as there brothers and sisters saying that election matters should not be window of kickbacks since human beings always learn from there mistakes.
He said that there is need to unite in a bid to ensure Rails Odinga becomes the President of the republic come the August polls.
She said the Kuria community has a vast history which will be solve yet after the elections are over.
She at the same time called on the IEBC to extend the voter registration to ensure everybody register as voters especially to the late ID applications and the ones which are being released in slowness especially in Western Nyanza regions.
She told the chiefs to ensure they release the IDs to the people immediately they receive them from the registrar offices.




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