We wish to clarify some issues concerning the report by The Standard published today titled ‘Exposed: 10 Rigging Risks in the Poll Register‘.

The Commission uploaded the KPMG audit report on its website to allow for public access. The findings of the audit were not a surprise given that in 2015, the Commission had already identified some of the shortcomings that required strategic interventions to ensure security, integrity and availability of critical data held by the Commission.

The 13 ICT priorities for purposes of the General Election are found in our Elections Operations Plan 2015-2017 (page 20). The Plan, which can be accessed on our website, was allocated resources in the just ended financial year to allow the Commission revamp its technology for purposes of the General Election.

Some of the interventions implemented so far include:

1)         Establishment of modern data centre that includes both primary and secondary.

2)        Hardened security of databases for critical data.

3)        Retained the services of reputable firms to provide technical support in ICT security throughout the         election period.

4)        Enhanced partnerships with key players in ICT security.

It is important to note that the KPMG audit was carried out on old ICT infrastructure. However, we wish to assure that the Commission has acquired new infrastructure for purposes of the General Election. Our role is to ensure that the new infrastructure works for purposes of delivering a credible and transparent process.

We will continue to update on the progress we have made to secure our elections.






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